An Exposition of Meaning

I stumbled upon a¬†piece of personal writing from a couple¬†months ago in which I set out to define life’s meaning for myself. Two months later, these are still words I’d like to live by so I’ll share them with you.

The four pillars of action on which I build my own life’s meaning: explore, create, feel, understand.


To promote and encourage exploration in self and others – scientific, philosophical, psychological, or otherwise


To create art, music, dance, literature, and poetry that convey an experience or feeling; that share an emotion or state of being; that reflect the meaning and greater purpose of being human over a lesser intelligence


To feel within my body and being the positive experiences that come with a high mind and physical form, hedonistic and emotional


To understand the world on a scientific and personal level; to understand the economics of emotions and the poetry of science; to understand the purpose of being and when things need no purpose; to understand my place in this world and universe and to understand the purpose of the world and universe without regard to self

I am naught but the sum of my parts. May I every day seek to improve my average and raise the median. May my actions push the bell toward a negatively skewed distribution.


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