Feeling Like an Insider

Sometimes I feel great about my coding abilities. I feel like a tech insider. I know the jargon. I talk the talk. I own a Stack Overflow t-shirt. I understand xkcd comics. I use Linux. I’m the real deal. I can’t even remember how normal people talk.

Do normal people say ‘iterate’ and ‘recursive’ as a basic part of daily speech? Is it okay to call a collection of words a ‘string’ instead of a ‘phrase’? I think I might use the words ‘push’ and ‘pull’, ‘get’ and ‘set’ too often to describe real-life actions. Sometimes I use OOP terms to describe real-world things and relationships.

Why do I understand techie people more than everyone else? I like to think it is because I belong. I may feel like an impostor more often than not, but I understand what I read, what I hear, and what I code. Outsiders don’t. That makes me feel good. I’m a part of this cool club.


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